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FAQs for Selecting Corporate Meeting Venues

When hosting an event, you may face many decisions, but choosing the right place is one of the decisions that will significantly impact your event. Everything depends on the venue and location you choose, from the event date to the speaker lineup, catering options, and attendee experience.

Before talking to the sales manager at corporate meeting venues in Fort Collins, you need to make a list of requirements. This allows you to ask the right questions when visiting the venue.

Here are some FAQs to get you started.

Can I access the venue from the airport, highway, or public transport?

Think about how attendees go to the meeting. If most come from the airport, ask if the venue offers a shuttle service. Make sure it has proper and sufficient parking.

Does the venue provide accommodation?

If any attendees come from outside the town, it is advisable to hold the meeting at a hotel or venue within walking distance of some hotels and restaurants.

What kind of atmosphere does the venue have?

Outdated venues can save you money, but your attendees may complain about the "feel" of the meeting.

Is the place big enough for your event?

Participants must ensure comfortable seating in all sessions and provide space to relax. Make sure corporate meeting venues in Fort Collins offer you a cozy atmosphere.

Does the venue provide the proper facilities?

You may need a theatre, ballroom, breakout meeting room, or exhibition space. You may also be interested in on-site restaurants, lounge areas, and outdoor spaces.

Does the venue meet your technical and business needs?

Can the facility provide AV equipment, computers, and wireless internet? Some venues offer an on-site business center with fax, print, and email services so participants can do business when they are away from the office.

Does the venue have caterers?

If yes, can caterers offer vegan, diabetic, and other dietary options? Venues without kitchen facilities may be affiliated with a food supplier that must be used, so please check the food in advance.

Are there any offers or add-on services at the venue?

Small things such as free stationery, airport shuttles, and drink services can save you a lot and provide a better experience for your participants.

How much does the venue cost?

The venue should fit your budget and provide incentives for your business. You must also pay attention to liability issues, payment terms, and fine print.

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