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Tips to Pull Off a Beautiful Barn Wedding

Barn weddings are gorgeous! The stunning natural setting offers you an excellent opportunity to host a breathtaking wedding ceremony. Let's just say that barn wedding is a trend that is not going anywhere anytime soon.

Are you searching for a Colorado wedding event venue to host a majestic wedding decorated with mason jars and wagon rides? It would be best if you did not skip this guide.

Before you begin planning your barn wedding or decide on a venue, you must consider a few aspects.

Consider The Climate

Climate plays an influencing role, especially if you plan an outdoor wedding. As per experts, while planning an outdoor barn wedding, avoid months with extremely high or low temperatures. 

Before booking a barn venue for an event gathering in Fort Collins, Colorado, discuss the climate with the manager. Don't forget to ask them what the backup plan will be during a sudden change in weather, such as unpredictable snow or rain. Most barn venue offers the opportunity to host both indoor and outdoor wedding.

Access The Clean Water and Power

Your band or DJ and other vendors will require uninterrupted access to power to run their equipment. Similarly, your caterer will need water and a prep kitchen to offer efficient service.

Checkout if your Colorado wedding event venue has access to sufficiently clean and portable water and electricity. Also, confirm if they have enough power to meet the requirements of all your wedding vendors.

How Muddy It Gets

It is a crucial aspect to consider if you are planning a summer wedding. The short summer afternoon storms and spring showers can lead to a muddy and soft field or gravel parking.

Discuss with your venue manager how muddy the area gets during the rain. Also, inquire what design elements you can add to keep things as safe and clean as possible.

The Rental Services

Some barn venues offer an all-inclusive package that includes table, chair, and food rentals, while others may not. Before booking the barn venue, ask the manager if they offer rentals and what it includes. If they don't provide rentals, ask them for reference to a nearby budget-friendly and reliable rental agency.

Bathrooms Are Non-Negotiable

For obvious reasons, bathrooms are non-negotiable. Most modern barn venues offer access to clean bathrooms and get-ready areas. However, if your venue doesn't have restrooms, ask your manager if they provide restroom trailers. Don't forget to ask where the trailers will go. Ensure that they are located nearby and are easy to access.


While touring the venue for the first time, it might feel big. However, you need to accommodate food, speakers, chairs, tables, and your guest. It might make the space limited.

Enquire with the manager how many guests the venue can accommodate. Consider every aspect from your guest count to decoration and plan accordingly.

The Bottom Line

You can pull off a beautiful barn wedding with proper planning and execution.

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