The Covey

"It's All About the Memories"
Weddings, Events, Banquets, Celebrations - The place in NOCO to gather

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The Covey is the place to host your 
Event. Wedding. Gathering. Corporate Meeting. Life’s Celebrations. Reunions. 


Looking for Something Special to Make Your Event Memorable
Make it Captivating and Exciting at The Covey

The Covey,LLC, where it is All About the Memories. Whether it's an event gathering, family reunion, or corporate event, we take pride in making your event a success. 

At The Covey, you'll get the satisfactory experience of hosting the family get-together. The ambiance we provide is comfortable, personal and welcoming.


Why People Recommend The Covey

The Covey truly cares about your event, and offers  personal and caring service to your event, whether it is for a group gathering, family reunion, corporate/business event, meetings, or for your wedding, anniversary or any celebration.

There is plenty of free parking for your event.   

The Covey (a gathering) is passionate about Happiness in a comfortable and beautiful location. 

The Covey is a NOCO event place with a glorious view of the front range.

                                                     Come Gather at The Covey, Where it is All About The Memories!